Ferrets For Rehoming

(Tel: 07531-880921 Email: central-ferret-welfare@hotmail.co.uk)

Please only contact us about re-homing a ferret if you are 18 or over - thank you

Please note that, unless stated otherwise, any images on this page will be CFW stock photos for guidance only.

We encourage you to contact us with as much information as you can: whether you require a pet or a worker, whether the ferret will be kept indoors or out, your experience with ferrets, whether the ferret will be your only pet, and so on.

If we have nothing suitable, we are always happy to place you on a waiting list and will contact you if we receive a ferret we think will be right for you. If things do not work out, we will accept the ferret back.

We expect a donation at point of adoption. If the ferrets are to be companions to other ferrets you own we would ask that you bring your ferret(s) with you to see how they get along.

NB: our standard policy is not to deliver or collect ferrets.

Ferrets Looking For A Home

(Since 2013 we have successfully re-homed over 450 of our little furry friends!)

Currently available:-



We often find it better to use Pets4Homes and our FerretFaceBook page to advertise - please take a look at both if nothing appears on our own pages.



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