Over 200 Ferrets Successfully Rehomed by CFW

These are just some of them...

We apologise for not updating this section, but as we have continued as a welfare the number of stories has run away with us.  The 200 mentioned above has become something like 500 or more...

Summer 2017 

Jimmy and Trouble are two large handsome poley brothers looking for their forever home...they are bonded and MUST stay as a pair.

They are 7 months old, intact and microchipped which can be transferred to you.

One is lighter than the other: you can tell them apart. As they are young they do occasionally need reminding of their manners, so probably not first ferret pets although they seem of good character. 

George was being rescued from a pub - a dodgy individual was offering the poor little kit (barely old enough to leave his mum) to customers. Fortunately, a friend of CFW was on hand to do the right thing and George is now safely within the Welfare and thriving.

Truly was found sitting on a lady's sofa in her living room! At about 8 weeks of age, we have no idea where she came from!  She has now been adopted into the welfare as a pet and potential PR star.  Bless her!

Bob is a young ferret 3-4 months old and intact. He is looking for his forever home. He is a small poley boy and would make an excellent pet. He is being rehomed due to a change in his family circumstances. He will be microchipped and the details can be changed to you. Please note he excels at escaping from his cage so p,ease ensure yours is very secure!

Ellie is an older pale poley ferret found in a local park when a dog brought her to his master.  She is at best partially sighted due to cataracts but seems a happy and gentle little soul.  We suspect she was dumped due to her condition.


Bobby is a small chunky intact dark poley hob. Probably last year's kit.

He is very people oriented and chatty, loves a cuddle, and is currently living as an only ferret, although we think he has lived with other ferrets before.

Ideal first pet or for vasectomising. Intact although we can provide a voucher for 10% off the cost of castration at our local vet.


Shy sandy boy, med to large, intact, 1-2 years old. We're calling him Joseph as his coat is of many (sandy) colours! Needs his forever home and some TLC.


Two very dark poley 2 year old brothers, intact and happily living together need their forever home. Both have worked one season together. They are being rehomed due to illness in the family.

The person who handed them in said he had bred them from Siberian polecats and certainly they are unusually very dark in colour, all over. They have been fed raw and kibble.


One medium sized and 'buffy' 5 year old albino hob needs his forever home. He is an ex worker, now retired and a pet. He is intact.  Described as good natured.  Has been fed on a mixture of raw meats and kibble.


May 2017

Two dark 'poleys': 1 jill and 1 hob. Both have been neutered. They are approximately 10 months old. They are very friendly and loving. Due to the owner's illness they need to be re-homed.  As a bonded pair we would prefer them to stay together when re-homed.

April 2017

A pretty albino jill of approx 3yrs requiring a new forever home. She needs to go as an only ferret to a loving home - she is good-natured.

February 2017


A 5¬Ĺ year-old loved pet in need of his new forever home as his owners have moved and cannot take him with them.

He is a medium sized poley, nice in nature, booked in for castration this coming week.

He has previously lived with another ferret.

Nibbles, Compo & Slinky

Three ferrets being rehomed due to a major change in family circumstances.... All are about 9 months old.

One poley boy and two albino boys - all recently castrated.

Currently living as a bonded group, these have been much-loved family pets and need to be re-homed together please.

Jennifer & Roger

A bonded pair of much loved pets looking for their forever home. A sweet natured and pretty dark poley jill, quite small, 9 months and intact and her companion, an 18 month sandy hob, medium size and laid back. He is booked in for castration this week.

They need to go together. Good first pets. Both eating kibble.

They are being homed through no fault of their own.


An albino hob of 2-3yrs.

Nibbles, Comp & Slinky.

A poley jill,  one albino hob and one poley hob.   Lovely natured,  playful.  Must go together.  Suitable for pets.

January 2017

Will and Sue.

Bonded pair;  one hob poley,  one Jill albino.   Both neutered,  both 2 years old.  Lovely natured,  playful.  Must go together.  Suitable for pets.

Itsy & Bitsy

Bonded pair poley jills;  last year's kits. Playful but sometimes forget their manners.  Must go together.  Must go to experienced owner,  Suitable to train as workers.

3yr Old Intact  Hob - Good Worker

A three year old lovely, large and intact albino hob. Good worker, has been handled well but needs an experienced owner who will work him regularly. Being rehomed through no fault of his own, from a broken home. We also have listed his father. We can offer a 10% discount off castration at our local vets.

5yr Old Intact  Hob - Good Worker

One five year old lively medium sized albino hob, intact. Excellent worker. Has been handled but needs an experienced owner who will work him regularly. Being rehomed through no fault of his own, from a broken home. We also have his son listed. We can offer a 10% discount for castration from our local vets.

November 2016


A poley jill - spayed and approx 3yrs of age.

October 2016

Poley Hob

Bandit is about 2-3 years of age. He's a nice natured, but very timid, intact poley hob. Would suit a patient, experienced owner to bring him out of his shell.

Poley Jill

Jennie is 1-2 years old. She's a small timid poley jill, nice natured - would probably make a good first ferret with some TLC. She is intact and will need to be spayed.

Pretty Bibbed Jill

We have a pretty bibbed poley jill looking for her forever home...she is probably just over one year old and is intact. She came in, in season, and has been jill jabbed. She is a little nervous so hesitant but is not 'bitey'.

Jasper seeks his forever home

This gorgeous and friendly kit is being rehomed through no fault of his own. He is approx 4 months old and very handsome.

Obviously he is intact but not yet ready for castration. We can provide 10% off voucher for use at our vets to put towards castration.

We expect a lot of interest in this lovely little boy with baby soft fur.....

September 2016

2 intact albino kits - 1 male & 1 female.

Otto - albino hob - approx 1yr old.

Intact albino jill - approx 6 months old.

Ernie is an intact, 2-3yr-old male poley ferret.  He is described as being very friendly and a "real character".  He might make a good first pet ferret for someone.  Currently located in the Halesowen area of the West Midlands.

May 2016

One Male Intact Sandy

We have Alvin, a much loved, calm, huge, five and a half year old intact sandy hob. Ideal first ferret, smelly so requires castration (we can offer a 10% discount voucher for use at Powis & Partners for this).

A gorgeous boy through and through.

One Silver Hob

Darby is a friendly, playful silver hob - an ideal pet. Not good with other ferrets.

One Intact Poley Hob

Clent is a small/medium sized intact poley hob. We think he is about three or so. He is quite smart for a hob and enjoys problem solving it seems. He is easy to handle and would make a good pet. We think he has worked in the past.

April 2016

Two Pretty Poley Intact Jills

Tilly and Rhiannon are approx two years old and intact. They have been jill-jabbed to bring them out of season but spaying is a condition of adoption - safe to do so in 4-6 weeks.

Both seem friendly and playful but easily spooked - suitable as indoor pets for confident owners. To go as a bonded pair.

One Small Dark Eyed White Male


[Photo of actual ferret as listed]

This chap is neutered and about 3yrs of age - a dark-eyed white of small/med ium size, he is friendly and seems a good first ferret pet - calm and gentle.

One Dark Poley Male

Tank came in and went out pretty much the same day - a large and intact handsome lad.

Two 'Buffy' Silver Lads

Two big 'buffy' intact hobs, friendly chaps of about 3yrs of age. Must go as a bonded pair. Good for experienced and confident ferret pet owners but so far seem to be gentle and 'nip free'. One is darker than the other with a dark nose and fur down his back; the other is likely to be closer to a dark-eyed white once neutered.

Handed into CFW through no fault of their own and looking for a loving 'forever home'.

Pretty Silver-Mitt Jill (Intact)


[CFW Stock photo]

Two year old silver mitted jill. She is intact and currently in season, although a jill jab can be booked this week, if required/possible, to bring her out of season.

She is very 'feisty' and needs firm handling and to learn good manners. We think from working stock and should be a worker. Not suitable as a pet.

One Large Young Male Poley


[Photo of actual Ferret As Listed]

A friendly and cuddly poley hob (intact) who is approx 18 months of age. Likely to make a good pet but a bit boisterous and in need of an experienced owner.

March 2016

Fatty & Arbuckle: two cuddly young lads have now settled in Essex!

Benny the soft 'bino boy came in and went out again in a day!

February 2016

Sammy, approx four years old, castrated hob. Silver in colour and chunky. Lovely natured.

Betty, approx four years old, intact jill. Poley in colour, currently underweight but improving slowly. Lovely natured, playful. New owner must agree to spay her.

Ronnie and Reggie - two handsome young poley lads - arrived from Milton keynes and were re-homed within 36hrs!

Bear - poley lad.

Bentley - young poley lad

Markus - young poley lad

Joseph & Gabriel - two young big buffy sandy hobs - soft pets!

December 2015

Iggy - a pretty young silver-mitted poley female (jill). Rather nervous of other ferrets but seems as though she will be a good pet with a little TLC.


Nova is a 3 year old Dark Eyed White (DEW) jill who needs a pet home only and plenty of tlc. She will require neutering (we have 10% discount voucher for use at our recommended vet).

She is NOT good with other ferrets, but is fine with cats and dogs and loves human attention and to be played with, though can get a bit carried away and nip during play (though not hard).

Currently on dry food, isn't interested in raw.

Probably a good pet for a confident and attentive owner who has plenty of time for her.


A three year old intact ( jill jabbed this year) sandy jill. An only and much loved sandy jill being rehomed as her owners are moving abroad. No fault of her own. A voucher giving 10% off a local vet's bill is available for when she is spayed.

She just needs her forever home.

September Successes

Bonded pair of 10 week old poley jills, we think they are sisters and you can tell them apart. Hand tame and will climb all over you. Friendly and playful, MUST go together. Would make great pets.

A pretty little silver girl kit, abandoned when too young to fend for herself, yet somehow survived long enough to be rescued, has joined CFW as a PR ferret - meet her at 2016 shows.

Two silver/sandy hob kits about 4 months old (intact).

These are a bit spirited and not suitable for first time owners - an experienced and confident ferret owner is preferred. They are quite used to cats and dogs in the home but probably better as workers than pets.

August Inundation!

An eight week old sandy jill was handed in by a young chap who had changed his mind about her (we suspect he suddenly, and fortunately, realised he wasn't up to caring for a ferret properly). After some TLC and some teaching of good manners, she has been re-homed.

A silver/sandy jill with her kits and some extras! A total of seven lovely ferrets: a silvery sandy jill of about 1-2yrs with a three silvery sandy jill kits, two poley hob kits and a little dark-eyed white kit. Initial estimates were that the kits were all about 3-4 months of age, but we then realised that the dark-eyed white was actually from a separate litter and probably about 5 weeks old - too young to leave her mum! These poor animals were rescued from someone without the faintest idea of how to care for ferrets and are now being cared for properly. The cute little youngster is living happily with two older kits in the Welfare and doing well - hopefully she will become a fine PR ferret when we attend events.

Eleven more kits arrived soon after, an albino jill and ten assorted poleys! These were eight weeks old and almost flew out of CFW's doors!

The Circle of Life

We recently had to say a fond farewell to Stumpy, a long-standing member of the Welfare Team. She was a much-loved sandy ferret owned by two of our volunteers and named for her lack of tail (we never knew whether she was born that way or lost it early in life). Stumpy disliked other ferrets with a passion, so had to be a loner and it was fortunate that she was absolutely 'golden' with humans. She was a regular and popular attendant of CFW events. Sadly, she died recently (peacefully in her sleep) of old age.

Happily, Stumpy has been replaced by three handsome lads: Stanley, Rudy and Mo. They came to us early in the summer as rescues - three hob kits from this spring: a silver, a 'mitted' poley and a poly. They're lively but good natured chaps and have been adopted by Stumpy's CFW volunteers. Meet them at our events.

One Big Cuddly Male Ferret (Freddie)

Gorgeous big buffy poley hob, probably two years old. Very friendly indeed. Intact. Would be good to vasectomise or have as a first pet.

Two Jills: "Milly" & "Molly"

Milly and Mandy. Very friendly pair of working jills. Mother, small poley, approx 2yrs, intact, and her albino, medium-sized daughter, approx 1yr, also intact. Not in season. Good working history for both. Must go together. Being rehomed due to change in family circumstances.


Conkers, a five month old pretty poley jill. Spirited and playful, and intact. Would make a good worker or pet for an experienced ferret owner.Not suitable as a first ferret.


Three intact poley jills & one silver jill, gentle temperaments, approximately one year old, need forever homes. Can be split. Sisters - 'jill jabbed' recently. Good pets or good workers.


We currently have one recently castrated albino hob of approx 4yrs. He's big and friendly and loves to play in the garden - would make a great first pet, but NOT a worker. Sadly, being rehomed due to a change in family circumstances.


Gladys is pretty poley intact jill - probably born last year. She has lots of character and loves to play. We believe she would make a good pet.

Large Male Intact Hob

William is a very friendly intact hob (male) ferret, under 2yrs of age. Medium/Large build. Very handsome. Good first pet or suitable for vasectomy

Three jills

Ruby: a very pretty silver mitted poley jill, intact, medium sized, approx three. Very friendly.

Pippa: a very pretty chunky, medium sized albino jill, intact, approx 18 months. Hand reared so very good with people.

Gyspy: a small albino jill, intact, approx three. Very, very good with people.Not good with cats and dogs.

Two Sandy Hobs

Walker & Pringle are two friendly identical sandy boys, probably brothers, approx 18 months old and intact (so they do have a 'presence', ie, they smell a bit!) They need to go as a pair since they are bonded.

Eric: a very friendly albino hob, a chunky boy, medium sized, approx 6 months old. Castrated. Very playful and loves people. An ideal first ferret.

Bert and Eddie: a bonded pair of big and 'buffy' poley brothers. Eight months old, castrated. Lively, fun-loving and playful, friendly but are only kits so still finishing learning their manners. Have lived outside together.

George and Ash: both approx 2-yrs of age and living as a bonded pair as family pets. George is a vasectomised hob - a chunky, attractive medium-sized albino. He will need a confident handler (not a first-time owner) but is a nice ferret. Ash is a very dark poley intact jill and described as 'lovely'.

Harry [NOW REHOMED]:about 3 years old, castrated, large-ish albino hob.

Bruno and Diego [NOW REHOMED]:brothers, born at the welfare last year, back through no fault of their own. Both rangy ferrets, both castrated. Bruno is a sandy hob and Diego is a pale 'poley'.

All three of the above need experienced owners.

Cheryl and Cocoa [BOTH NOW REHOMED]: approximately 1-yr of age. Cheryl is a pretty, chunky albino jill, she has been spayed. Cocoa is a paler poley, a rangy ferret, he has been castrated. They need to go as a pair, they are bonded and playful and would make good first ferrets.

FOUR Poley jill kits [All Now Rehomed]

That's All Folks...For Now.