And Now A Few Messages...


From Ed & Will

Our ferret journey started 6 years ago when my partners sister half joked about getting him a ferret for his 21st.... Since then my partner has badgered me to get a ferret, I've always stuck by my opinion of "they smell, they're ugly and look rat faced and Are horrid".

Fast forward 6 yrs to 2 months ago and I contacted the ferret rescue because I decided that for Edward I wanted to at least try, no ferrets were available but I was told we would be contacted if any came up, when lianne contacted me a few weeks later to say that 2 albino boys had come in I jumped at the chance of arranging a visit with Maggie.

Having not told my partner what we were doing I nervously arrived to meet the boys.

Maggie and her husband introduced us to some of their own ferrets before bringing in the cutest, really timid boys, instantly we were hooked and totally in love with them!

They answered all the questIons we had and we arranged to visit again the following week.

The change in the boys was amazing, all because of the care and play they had undoubtedly received from Maggie and her family.

When they were both neutered a few days later we were so nervous and worried about it, and a week laterwe arrived to take them home, (even bigger change in them both) both of us so scared, and nervous. We so badly wanted to do the right thing by them, knowing we had the full support of Maggie and her family was a great comfort.

In the week and half we've had Mr Kimble and Ru home with us has been totally Mental. We are amazed at how quickly they have both settled into a routine and seem to be learning to trust us both!

In turn, thankyou to you all for your help and advice with the boys but most of all for entrusting them to us!

Thank you.

Ed and Will.