Dear All,

Ref: General Data Protection Regulations

Some of you may already know that new Data Protection regulations come into force on the 25th May 2018. This means that, at club-type level, anyone controlling personal details (e.g. membership lists etc.) must have specific permission to hold those details.

The Central Ferret Welfare (CFW) holds its information for four reasons:-

1. To record details of ferrets going in and out of the welfare. (These records include name, address, land telephone number, mobile telephone number, e-mail address, class and any money paid.);

2. To distribute any other information including any ferrets found near your postcode in case the missing ferret is yours;

3. To contact people if there is a ferret welfare requirement e.g. notification of illnesses in an area;

4. To contact you by the provided e mail address to advertise the ferret calendar, (under the name of Ferret Time), which raises funds for ferrets in need, both within the welfare and outside it.

The membership information is held on a password-protected spreadsheet/database on a protected computer only accessed by the Chairman and Treasurer. It is held on the original paperwork completed and signed by you and this is stored carefully and safely.

Records will be retained for a maximum of five years. After that period, the membership information will be erased.

CFW also holds information on businesses such as vets, but this information is general business information and does not identify specific individuals (unless their business name is also their personal name).

To meet the new regulations it is a requirement to have a positive, opt-in, agreement rather than an assumed agreement to the Welfare holding this information. If you have any queries, please contact the Chairman and Chief Trustee: Dr Liane Purnell, 07531 880 921,  We have the above in document form which can be signed in agreement with GPDR terms.

Many thanks

Dr Liane Purnell